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the most thorough inspections when a manufacturer’s guarantee or war-ranty is required. He knows which manufacturers have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the roof-ing industry and will stand behind their products. The manufacturer is highly motivated to cooperate with the contractor because he wants the contractor to purchase materials from him on the next job. On-site job coordination Efficient job-site coordination is made far more difficult when the owner purchases the materials and the contractor has no contractual relation-ship with the material supplier. The owner, for example, may have failed to purchase all the necessary materials or may not have arranged for a suffi-cient quantity of the needed materials to be at the job site when required. The absence of some materials, such as those used for flashings, will dis-rupt the job, cause delays and prevent watertight installation. The best method for making sure roof-ing materials stay dry and secure is to store them indoors. In lieu of having all the materials for a large job stored outside at the job site prior to commencement of the job through completion, roofing contractors will frequently have materi-als transported to the job site from either their own warehouse or from a supplier on a periodic basis as they are needed. This requires close coordination to see that the necessary materials are present and in good condition when needed. Unless the owner has suitable facilities for materials storage, all the materials may be stored outside for an extended duration when the owner contracts with the roofing contractor for labor only, thus increasing the risk of damage or loss. Labor-only contracts can affect the availability of the necessary materials. The owner may not have purchased a sufficient quantity of a given materials. Frequently, especially with bituminous materials, the quantity estimated in the drafting room is not adequate in the field. An owner who contracts with a supplier may not have another 58 Properties | April 2017

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