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Behind the Building Envelope Considering Direct Purchase of Roofing Materials? Think twice on purchasing materials & labor separately for your new or re-roofing project Provided by National Roofing Contractors Association he National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) cautions the building owner who is con-templating a new or re-roofing project about contracting for the purchase of roofing materials separately from the installation of the roof from two different parties. By purchasing materials and labor separately, the owner is more likely to encounter problems during and after construction due to the division of responsibility. T Materials compatibility Given the range and complexity of the materials now used in roof deck, insulation and roof membrane construc-tion, and the interdependence of all components and parties in roof system construction, NRCA recommends that a professional roofing contractor who has overall responsibility for furnish-ing the materials and constructing the roof be retained. A professional roofing contractor is more knowledgeable than other parties about job site conditions on a day-to-day basis. The professional roofing contractor deals with roofing material manufac-SUPERIOR INSULATING turers on an ongoing basis. He knows which materials lend themselves to efficient and watertight installation and which can lead to problems. He is in the best position to respond quickly to conditions encountered in the field; based on his experience, he under-ENERGY CONSERVATION stands which materials are best suited for each particular job to lessen the chance of callbacks. The roofing contractor typically has established long-term relation-ships with several manufacturers. He knows which manufacturers provide DECORATIVE SAFETY & SECURITY ® A Female and Minority Owned Company Authorized Dealer & Applicator 800.295.8468 See the Difference with Sunray 57 Photo courtesy of Commercial Roofing and Coating Systems, LLC Materials compatibility, on-site job coordination and safety procedures are all areas in which the roofing contrac-tor is knowledgeable and experienced. Separating the contractor who installs the materials from the roofing materials manufacturer whose materials will be installed can lead to a number of poten-tial problems in each of these areas.

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