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a little less money, or the developer a little less profit... wrong choices will kill economic development. If gaps in financing cannot be overcome, devel-opment will stop. Properties will not be renovated, redeveloped, they will not be bought or sold and Cleveland’s recent revival will certainly wither. All the Midwest legacy cities will see their economic development slow and their vitality wane. NAIOP campaigns for the contin-ued renaissance of Cleveland when we advocate for Historic Preservation Tax Credits, New Market Tax Credits, 1031 Exchanges, Carried Interest, Historic Easements, creative forms of financing and a litany of other valuable issues that allow our economy to keep hum-ming along. In our campaign, we assist politi-cians in seeing through the thickening fog of partisan dogma to educate them on the proven and phenomenal return on investment these incentive programs provide. We’re not merely realizing revenue neutral results from these incentives... the results are all revenue positive! For just one exam-ple, the Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit has a return that’s been proven by Cleveland State University as $6.72 for each $1.00 of Tax Credit awarded. That figure is only the tax revenue to the state and the total return to the community is measured as more than ten times the initial investments, as vacant properties are returned to valuable use. These programs pay the state and federal government back with returns proven to beat any other investment! They also pay the citizens back as long suffering city blocks are becom-ing hubs of active business and new residential housing opportunities. In this fight that is all about you, we need you! Do you like visiting or working downtown Cleveland, do you like living downtown, or do you contemplate living downtown in the future? Maybe you never visit down-town, but recognize without a vital Cleveland, your suburb is dead? Join us, add your voice to the growing chorus of voices reminding Washington, D.C. that the health of Midwest legacy cities such as Cleveland predicts and drives the vitality of the nation. We are blessed to live in a time of dra-matic change, so join us and influence that change! • to the awards this year, based on all your valuable comments and suggestions. June 5 – Charity Golf Classic Our charity golf event returns this year to Weymouth/Fox Meadow Country Clubs. P Rob Weeks, is chapter president-elect of NAIOP Northern Ohio, and strategic business develop-er and senior project manager with R-Weeks Consulting, providing consulting services to prop-erty owners, developers, architects, engineers, contractors and manufacturers. Upcoming NAIOP Events NAIOP Northern Ohio’s signature events include: May 10 – Annual Awards of Excellence This year’s event will be held at Windows on the River within the Powerhouse on the west bank of the Flats. We’re making even more improvements Precision Laser & Instrument, Inc. . Construction Sales Shop Online! Survey Training GIS Support Service Rentals Construction Layout & Positioning Solutions Leveling Lasers Grade Lasers Machine Receivers Jeff Pritt | Construction Positioning Sales & Support 2I¿FH&#1d;

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