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on LinkedIn,” that creates a negative perception, which may have nothing to do with reality. But it does affect it. Secondly, people treat it like a resume rather than a “sales page” without being “sales-y.” You’re selling you . You want people to say, “Wow, this is a person worth knowing!” JC: How can LinkedIn enhance my mar-keting efforts. RI: You can use it to find prospective clients, particularly if you’re selling B2B. If you sell wedding dresses, you’re not going to find brides because no one has that key word in their profile. However, you can find people who work with brides, like caterers or wedding plan-ners… people who can introduce you to brides. JC: Talk a little about LinkedIn groups. RI: Groups are subsets of people. My experience is that 95% are a waste of time. The key is to find the good 5%, “There a fortune in the twos!” When I was building my Vistage group in San Diego, I asked 40 people in my network for introductions to CEOs they knew. I connected with over 40% out of 216! There is a third degree connection, but ignore it. JC: Last question, why use you for setting it up and using it effectively? RI: I save you time and acceler-ate results because I’ve made all the mistakes in the last eight years. [Businessman Roy H. Williams once said,] “A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.” P Jim Castiglia is the founder of Business Street Fighter Consulting, LLC ( and supports entrepreneurial business owners in their desire to grow and maximize the value of their business. He can be reached by email at JimC@ or by phone at 919.900.7865. Rick Itzkowich can be reached at and on LinkedIn. “[LinkedIn] is a great tool for credibility. People will vet you before they engage in a relationship. They’ll Google you, especially if it’s an important relationship or venture.” the ones with the right participation and monitoring because you can get industry information, ask questions and continue relationships with important people. JC: Tell us a little about degrees of separation RI: LinkedIn has three degrees of connections. The first degree is people to whom you’re directly connected. The second-degree con-nections are people in your network to whom I’m not connected yet. So if John Smith is a first-degree connec-tion of yours, once you and I become connected, John Smith becomes a second-degree connection for me. And that is the most powerful level of connection because now through you, I have a direct line to your first-degree connections. There’s a saying among LinkedIn experts that, :ȝ&Ȫ8ȫ+2ȭ5&ȧ0Ȩ(Ȭ,Ȭ,ȧ1 COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL & INDUSTRIAL DEMOLITION ASBESTOS SURVEYS & ABATEMENT • WRECKING CAREY DEMOLITION 216-881-0608 | 2695 E. 55th St. | Cleveland, OH 44104 49

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