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CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS REPORT Updated info on important projects in the region Project Report #: 01570 INNERBELT LOFTS LLC APARTMENTS LOCATION: 2828 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH (Cuyahoga County) PROJECT TYPE: Renovation CATEGORY: Residential PROJECT STATUS: Construction Underway -Completion Spring 2017 OWNER/DEVELOPER: Joint Venture – Heartland Developers & Inspirion Group Heartland Developers Contact: Gordon Premier 2800 Euclid Ave., Ste. 515 Cleveland, OH 44115 Phone: 216-696-3400 Inspirion Group Contact: Mark Schildhouse Phone: 216-952-1142 ARCHITECT: LDA Architects Contact: Dominick Durante 5000 Euclid Ave., Ste. 104 Cleveland, OH 44103 Phone: 216-539-5321 CONSTRUCTION MANAGER: c/o Architect STRUCTURAL ENG: Barber & Hoffman Associates MECH ENG: WHS Engineering ELEC ENG: WHS Engineering DESCRIPTION: 1 bldg, 4 stories. 56 studio, one or two bedroom apartments -indoor trash receptacle area -bike storage -rooftop indoor community/entertaining room and fitness center -ground-level heated garage -car wash area -two retail spaces. Project Report #: 01466 WOOSTER SAFETY CENTER LOCATION: Burbank & Friendsville Rds. Wooster, OH (Wayne County) PROJECT TYPE: New Construction CATEGORY: Institutional CONTRACTING METHOD: Competitive Bids PROJECT STATUS: Work Underway Set for Completion May 2017 EST. VALUE: $7,000,000 OWNER: City of Wooster Contact: Roger Kobilarcsik 538 N. Market St. Wooster, OH 44691 Phone: 330-263-5200 ARCHITECT: Richard L. Bowen + Associates Inc Contact: Ken Shu 6677 Frank Ave. NW North Canton, OH 44720-7259 Phone: 216-491-9300 DESIGN/BUILDER: John G. Johnson Construction Co. Contact: Anthony Valencic 1284 Riverbed St. Cleveland, OH 44113 Phone: 216-938-5050 DESCRIPTION: 1 bldg, 2 stories, 28,000 sf. New facil-ity to house police & fire department. Project Report #: 01449 CAMPUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL LOCATION: 21st St. & Payne Ave. Cleveland, OH (Cuyahoga County) PROJECT TYPE: New Construction CATEGORY: Institutional CONTRACTING METHOD: Competitive Bids PROJECT STATUS: Work Underway -July 2017 Completion Scheduled EST. VALUE: $24,000,000 OWNER: Joint Venture – Cleveland Metropolitan School District & Cleveland State University Cleveland Metropolitan School District Contact: Julie Beers, (CIS) Principal 3100 Chester Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115 Phone: 216-838-8000 Cleveland State University Contact: Jack Bauman 2121 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115 Phone: 216-875-9944 ARCHITECT: Perkins & Will 330 N. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 606 11 Phone: 312-755-4772 LOCAL ARCHITECT: TDA Architecture 4135 Erie St. Willoughby, OH 44094 Phone: 440-269-2266 CM AT RISK: ICON LLC Contact: John Hitchcock P.O. Box 24910 Cleveland, OH 44124 Phone: 440-753-5200 DESCRIPTION: 1 bldg, 4 stories, 96,000 sf. New replacement K-8 campus school for cul-tural and language studies. Project Report #: 01472 CSU NEB ENGINEERING BUILDING PHASE 1 LOCATION: E. 24th & Chester Ave. Cleveland, OH (Cuyahoga County) PROJECT TYPE: Renovation/Addition CATEGORY: Institutional CONTRACTING METHOD: Competitive Bids PROJECT STATUS: Work Underway on Structural Steel -Set for Spring 2018 Completion OWNER: Cleveland State University Contact: Jack Baumann 2121 Euclid Ave., PS 235 Cleveland, OH 44115-2214 Phone: 216-551-2538 ARCHITECT: CBLH Design Inc. 7850 Freeway Circle Middleburg Hts., OH 44130 Phone: 440-243-2000 Capitalize on Your Coverage. Mk a great impression! Make i i ! Contact C i f i to order d reprints or custom copies of articles originally published in Properties , which can be distributed to your existing and future clients. J J QJ L Q WL W UW U 6XSSRU ZLY]PJLWYV]PKLYZ :WV[SPNO[PUN[OLWYVMLZZPVUHS WYVQLJ[Z ILOPUKZ\JJLZZM\SJVUZ[Y\J[PVU ILOPUKZ\JJLZZM &DVW :WV[SPNO[PUN[OL Plan Ahead & Negotiate Wisely to Maximize Value Ou Outparcels g Center Out of Shopping INDUSTRY LEADER SINCE 1946 Exclusive | Focused | Informative | Dependable | Connected 82 By Megan C. Zaidan, Esq. Walter | Haverfield LLP O value ad rs to create added of a retail center – allow developers utparcels – small lots on the periphery outparcels are more s, as outparcel utilized by banks or restaurants, to shopping centers. Outparcels are often features, such as specific featur increased visibility and ability to add attractive to these users based on the to the user’s business. a patio or drive-thru, which are important docu Recorded documents Developers will most often convey the parcels either by long-term ground lease or outright sale to the end user. From a developer’s perspec-tive, it may be necessary for the outparcel to be legally subdi-vided from the larger shopping center parcel as a condition of sale to the end user. If a devel-oper knows in the initial stages of development that it is likely to sell off one or more outpar-cels, it would be wise to create the separate parcels early in the development process. Such a pro-active approach is particu-larly important in jurisdictions with time-consuming subdivi-sion processes. The sub-dividing of the outparcel from the large shopping center could expedite subsequent sales of any such out-parcels created. the Alternatively, developer may require the end-user to cause the parcels to be subdivided; however, the developer will need to remain involved and aware of the subdivision plans Legal subdivisions Megan C. Zaidan, Esq. Equally important for the devel-oper is to ensure that outparcel plans independently meet or exceed applicable parking requirements From a developer’s perspective, it may be necessary for [an] outparcel to be legally subdivided from [a] larger shopping center parcel as a condition of sale to the end user. ce subdivided, the respec-Once the developer bligations of t tive obligations own (or ground he parcel owner and the ) will likely be governed lessee) Easement Reciproca by a Reciprocal ement (an “REA”). The Agreement fort each party’s REA will set forth such as ma ation for matters obligation ss, utilities, maintenance access, and insurance. In addition, m also look to the developer may ose certain operating and impose upon the restrict ding restrictions building within the REA, arcel with outparcel heigh restrictions to uding height including constructed build ure any building ensure not block the vis-eon will no thereon signage of the shopping ty or signag ibility tenant ter’s tenants. center’s developer may also look he develop The number of tenants or imit the nu to limit lo If the outparcel s of the lot. users is not restricted to a single user, it develop into a multi-ten-could be developed that could eventually rip-center t ant strip-center compe with the larger compete center for small shoppi shopping shop tenants. Finally, the would likely look develo developer architectural in to include and signage standards for the outparcel, so it con-form with the shopping forms ensuring a more cent center, Geis Companies By Dan Maurer Expanding Oppor | Photos by Marco hits the road to tunity build $80 million Thermo Fisher Thermo Fisher massive $170 lion project Scientific, a mil-based in Boston-Fisher multination that incorporate downtown Cleveland Scientific in product developmen al, biotechnology s the East Bay Administrative the Cuyahoga County of California, region t company with enues of $17 prompted by Headquarter rev-tion of billion. In fact Metropolitan the expira-s, The th existing l nea l 60% h t l Scientific facility Center he Geis Compan ies Streetsboro-based has been busy in Northeas t Ohio in 2014. company completed Brecksville, a Within the past a 110,000-square-foo 75,000-square-foot 12 months, the t medical device aluminum dye call center for Panther Logistics casting facility facility for AMT in building for in Firefighters Commun Twinsburg for General Dye. in Medina and a 90,000-sq uare-foot It finished a service center ity Credit Union 12,000-square-foot addition for in Cuyahoga Steel Warehou office Hofbräuhaus Heights, plus se of Ohio. More Cleveland. a 40,000-square-foot recently, the Garnering company also the most buzz, Geis unveiled The completed for 9, the T Zecchin/Image Properties | March 2017

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