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VANTAGE POINT Join us! LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST SERIES Experts weigh in on industry issues The Value Add Tips on selecting a landscape maintenance provider By Mark Mazzurco H&M Landscaping A s spring season approaches, many commercial customers or prop-erty managers are beginning to collect proposals to service their clients’ properties for the next eight months. During this process, one of the most important qualities to look for in a contractor is the allusive “value add.” service and more to their sales staff. This may give you a warm, fuzzy feeling while you are dealing with the frontline people but doesn’t typically end well when it comes to service. A couple of keys to look for to ensure you get that all important “value add” are as follows: 1. Did your sales person walk the prop-erty with a note pad in hand? 2. Did they ask questions as you walked the property? 3. After you awarded the work, did they follow up with you to see how they are doing and how your first 30 days of experience have been? 4. Do they visit the site at least once a month to do quality control? 5. Are they proactive in identifying potential issues on your property? 6. Do they have a sense of urgency to fix your problem? Consider these points as you evaluate your landscape maintenance contract this year. P Mark Mazzurco has 23 years of experience in the landscape design/installation industry. H&M Landscaping currently services Northeast Ohio with over 75 associates. For more information, visit Properties | March 2017 Tuesday, April 25, 2017 "The Changing Environment of Construction" GEORGE J. PALKO, P.E. President & CEO The Great Lakes Construction Co. Crowne Plaza Hotel Cleveland South 5300 Rockside Rd. Independence, OH 7:30 AM -9:00 AM To register, call 216-361-3100 or visit -!'!:).%).#&#0e; is a proud media sponsor of the Cleveland Engineering Society 70 What is a true “value add,” you might ask? Frankly, it’s as simple as the people who you are “buying.” A quality land-scaping company doesn’t just sell top soil, fertilizer, mulch or moving service; it sells its people. When I say people, I’m not talking about the salesman or sales-woman. We have all dealt with the sales person that can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. Once their production staff shows up on your site, all you are left with is a job that’s half done and another meeting to walk the site again and get your issues resolved. When you purchase a service contract, you buy the salesman, the production crew, their service people and even the receptionist who will answer the phone when you call with a concern. In today’s service market, the only way you can have consistency in a product is when you have a company that retains the most important part of its operation: its staff. Think about it. A machine or company vehicle loses value with each year that passes by. People, on the other hand, are worth more each year if properly trained in a good culture and a nurturing environment. That team – not a single salesperson – is the value add that you should look for in a contractor. Unfortunately, as many companies try to find creative ways to cut costs, they devote less to customer

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