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FINANCIAL STRATEGIES Smart use of fiscal planning & action How Do You Know? L ALEC J. PACELLA ike most teenage boys, my youngest son enjoys playing video games. Although I have zero interest in Call to Duty Black Ops or FIFA 17 (two of his current games of choice), I was recently watching him play and was fascinated by what I saw. His iPhone was propped next to him and, from time to time, he would pause the game and use his phone to watch YouTube videos. When I asked him about it, he explained that this is how he figures out how to get to the next level or find the hidden super weapon or execute a bicycle kick. He learns by watching videos posted by others who have done it. types of learning styles and most people are predisposed towards one of these types. Having a better understanding of which style best describes you may just help in choosing among various learning formats that work best for you. Most of us have probably taken some type of educational class recently. Maybe it was related to our profession or maybe it was a pursuit of an outside inter-est, but we are all continually learning. Sometimes we find a particular class beneficial and other times, well, not so much. This month, I am going to take a break from the normal real estate invest-ment banter and instead focus on the different ways that we learn. There are numerous theories related to how learning actually occurs but one of my favorites was developed by Neil Fleming. Generally known as VARK, Fleming believes there are four primary Visual learner The first type is a visual learner. Characteristics of a visual learner include being a fast talker, having an urge to finish others thoughts or sentences and using words and phrases to paint visual images. Visual learners learn by seeing and visualizing – the proverbial picture is worth a thousand words to them and BRICKLAYERS LOCAL 5 Ŷ CLEVELAND, OH Providing Highly Skilled Work Force for Public & Private Projects Since 1867 • Brick, Block, Stone & Marble Masonry • Masonry Restoration • Educated Skilled Labor • Comprehensive Safety Training 6200 Rockside Woods Boulevard North, Independence, OH 44131 216-447-9965 Ŷ 58 Properties | March 2017

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