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NAIOP NEWS Commercial real estate happenings It’s All About You, Isn’t It? Well, Yes, It Really Is! e are all aware of the many transformations proposed in Washington over the next few years (or even months). Whether you embrace or resist the changes, the fact remains that we all must understand them and their very specific impact on Northern Ohio. W ROBERT WEEKS There is a veritable alphabet soup of organizations advocating for you and your future as tax reform is con-templated in D.C. While this article will focus on only one organization, NAIOP Northern Ohio, this is relevant amongst our colleague organizations, as they also advocate for you from many different perspectives. In early February, the NAIOP Northern Ohio Chapter visited Capitol Hill during our annual Leadership and Legislative Retreat, which included all 51 chapters of NAIOP. This year, we were able to bring more representa-tives from Northern Ohio, due to our local membership growing significantly (thank you, new members). More mem-bers + more representation = more influence and a larger and more notice-able voice for you, which is just in time as radical changes in policy and taxation will be proposed. Yes, this is all about you. Whether you own property, hope to own or develop property, simply visit, or live in or work in a prop-erty in Northern Ohio, the issues NAIOP advocates for at the State and Federal level will affect you. We advocate for all the valuable finan-cial and economic tools owners and developers use to buy, sell, rent, reno-vate, reposition and redevelop real estate. There is an assumption that a developer in the White House will show favor to the business interests of developers and property owners, yet we’re not comfortable with this assumption as we review the rhetoric that suggests a complete overhaul of the tax code. Certainly we all agree the tax code is arcane and needs drastic improvement, yet an abrupt gutting of important incentive pro-grams that have proven real Return on Investment would be foolish. The notion of gutting incentives would be catastrophic to Northern Ohio. We’re not alone – this would be catastrophic to many other states as well. Eliminating valuable incentive pro-grams doesn’t simply make the rent go up a little, or cause the owner to earn Subscribe Now & Save Over 80% Stay informed on the very best in construction and development in Northeast Ohio. Subscribe online or by phone at 216.251.8506. Clinic Clinic Rehabilitation INSIDE : Cleveland • l lp e Envelope • Hyatt Place at Legacy Village l ding Envel Roofing/Buil • Roofing/Building INSIDE SpringHill Suites Independence Hospital • AkzoNobel : ing Building een Build Green G INSIDE : MetroHealth Brecksville Health & Surgery Surgery Center • Renova Renovation ation & Restoration INSIDE : Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnick 7.95 2016/$7.95 April 2016/$7 ptember 2016/$7.95 Sep September Sears Sears think[box] think[box] at CWRU • Phoenix Building January 2016/$7.95 October ober 2016/$7.95 INDUSTRY LEADER SINCE 1946 Celebrating 70 Years Since 1946 Exclusive | Focused | Informative | Dependable | Connected 56 ld The Schofield ke Reshaping ak akens awa Building Reaw historic h istoric Renovation revives o new to structure as home n Hotel apartments, Kimpton q Public Square $50 million public-private project brings renewed energy to ti Restoration specialists re-create e-create e Ohio Theatre’s original lobby bby design at Playhouse Square are Encore Resur Performance nce e the gence on Flats Ea East t Bank Phase Ph eIIsp II sprout new residential, t s entertainment dining & ex i Waterfront Properties | March 2017

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