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Plumbing & HVAC Systems Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Keeping tenants happy, maintaining an efficient budget through proper planning By David Masciarelli Brennan HVAC s a property owner or manager, you’re tasked with keeping your tenants happy while maintaining an efficient budget. One of the best, most cost-effective solutions that helps accomplish both goals is scheduling regular maintenance for your heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. A Preventative maintenance programs not only save clients’ money, but also keeps their equipment operating at peak performance while extending the oper-ating life of the equipment, and helps retain tenants in their buildings. ities, regular maintenance scheduling and expert knowledge of maintenance needs for all types and brands of HVAC equipment and systems. Routine pre-Preventative maintenance With most makes and models of equipment, maintenance should be performed at least on a quarterly basis every year. The purpose of this type of service is to keep HVAC equip-ment running efficiently with minimal breakdowns and failures, while also reducing overall energy consumption. An effective preventive-maintenance program for an HVAC system should include tracking of all maintenance activ-Preventative maintenance programs not only save clients’ money, but also keep their equipment operating at peak performance while extending the operating life of the equipment ventative maintenance, when done correctly, also includes inspecting and changing belts, lubricating motors and dampers, and checking and replacing filters. It’s also important to thoroughly inspect heat exchangers because cracks can allow the release of carbon monox-ide into the airstream. Beyond that, a thorough maintenance checkup will include proper calibration of controls, checking and operating safeties, cleaning of burners and air conditioning coils and measurement of air temperatures and system pressures to ensure efficient heating and cooling. The good news: This type of service agreement isn’t as expensive as you might anticipate. Maximize your investment: invest now, save later Preventative maintenance is an inex-pensive investment that could end up saving you a lot of money further down 59 Photo courtesy of Brennan HVAC

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