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Plumbing & HVAC Systems make good business decisions and have succession planning that will carry us for the next 55-plus years. Q: Why did you choose Daikin? Case: Daikin is well aligned strate-gically for us. They’re committed to independent, locally managed distri-bution. They’re also investing heavily in technology and new product devel-opment, as well as manufacturing in the U.S. They’re already the largest global HVAC manufacturer, which a lot of people don’t know, but they’re also very committed to becoming number one in the U.S. Tod d Bar nh art (gen eral m an ager): When we look at the money that’s being invested by Daikin into the market and into their business in the United States, we really think we’re joining a company at the beginning stages of becoming a dominant force in the market. There are also some exciting opportunities for us to grow, including expanding west into Toledo. Q: What does this mean for your cli-ents with Trane systems? Barnhart: We’re proud of our history with Trane. It’s part of the DNA of the company and will always be part of who we are. We have a large team of service technicians and parts staff who are the Trane experts in Northeast Ohio. That’s not going to change. We will still support Trane equipment moving forward, even as we grow Daikin’s equipment business here. Case: I think some people will be surprised about how little we’ll change. Our mission and vision doesn’t change. We’ve always serviced every OEM. We already service as much non-Trane equip-ment as Trane, so not being the “factory” service company for Trane will not change much for our clients. You can’t buy the kind of experi-ence and expertise that our team has. LEADING ROLES The company’s executive team includes (clockwise from top left) Owner/Chairman Bill Gardiner, President/CEO Bob Case, General Manager Todd Barnhart and COO Rick Reder. “We determined that the best way for us to secure our mission of building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships was to move forward with Daikin in the Northern Ohio market.” Q: What do you think made GARDINER an attractive partner for Daikin? Rick Reder (COO): Daikin chose us because of our people and the kind Q: What kind of reaction have you seen since the announcement? Case: It’s been energizing to see how positive our clients have reacted. The consistent message we’ve gotten is that they like doing business with us primarily because of our people. We see this as a continuation of build-Bob Case ing something great, just like GARDINER we did back when GARDINER started. T hat’s exciting for us and for our clients. Gardiner: We have very loyal clients things line up with our vision and our and I think they trust that when we’re mission statement. Gardiner: We’ve built an entrepre-making decisions, we have their best neurial culture here that allows our interests in mind. This gives us a long people the freedom to do the best thing term commitment and everything we for our clients. For Daikin, that’s the want for the future, which is what we type of business they want representing have today – for us, for our associates, them as they grow. We’re thrilled to add and for our clients. P 57 of company we are. Their culture is much the same. Training is impor-tant to them, longevity of service is important to them, client satisfaction is important to them and all those their local service team to our team. They have great people here also who will fit into our culture.

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