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Great Lakes tourism since 2030 has exploded with cruise lines adding two to three ships every year. Currently the Great Lakes market is 25% the size of the Caribbean Cruise market, yet the price war of 2066 informs the experts to now predict the Great Lakes Cruise market is here to stay! Residential occupancy is 97% with 62,000 units in the pipeline. Hosting the 2068 Summer Olympics has created a huge boom in the Cleveland construction economy over the past decade. The plans for adapt-ing these amenities for continued use are better than so many of the previous host cities, yet construction numbers will drop in 2069 and 2070. I am of the opin-ion ours will top the Tokyo Olympics of ’64 in the event and the ROI. It will, however, be hard to match the impor-tance of the 2072 Games in Pyongyang only 20 years after Korea’s unification! Retail occupancy is 73% with 250,000 square feet in the pipeline Cleveland Regional Governance District has seen great growth and is well beyond the population peaks from over 100 years ago (when we measured it by MSA’s). Growth achieved by reusing and improving infrastructure built so long ago has enhanced our ability to compete with growing metropolises that have needed to add so much more new infrastructure. Our access to fresh water and strong alli-ance with our Great Lakes neighbors to protect and export water wisely and prof-itably has unjustly earned us some scorn from desert States. It has however brought great prosperity to the Great Lakes Basin. The state of Cleveland and our com-mercial real estate remains strong! The state of NAIOP is also strong, adding 20% to our membership in 2066 to a new total of 742 members for 2067! –Umlaut Tilde NAIOP President 2067 NAIOP Celebrating 100 Years Not many of us will see 2067. We all should realize that the best we can hope for is to make a positive difference that will be remembered in 2067. P Robert Weeks is 2017 NAIOP Northern Ohio president elect. For more information, visit All Things Concrete – Your Commercial & Decorative Total Concrete Solution An Equal Opportunity Employer 21 ST C ENTURY C ONCRETE C ONSTRUCTION I NC . 13925 Enterprise Ave., Cleveland, OH 44135 216.362.0900 SBE | CSB | EDGE | ODOT Certified :ȝ&Ȫ8ȫ+2ȭ5&ȧ0Ȩ(Ȭ,Ȭ,ȧ1 COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL & INDUSTRIAL DEMOLITION ASBESTOS SURVEYS & ABATEMENT • WRECKING CAREY DEMOLITION 216-881-0608 | 2695 E. 55th St. | Cleveland, OH 44104 49

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