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NAIOP NEWS Commercial real estate happenings Cleveland Still Rocking in 2067! e’ve seen Cleveland in 2067 and we’re still rocking! There are too few words available to explain the quantum mechanics and physics that allow all this to happen – look it up, time travel is possible. W ROBERT WEEKS It is actually far easier for our digital communications to traverse the abyss of time, and below is a message sent from the NAIOP President 2067 to member-ship regarding the state of the CRE market in Cleveland: “Dear NAIOP Members– NAIOP celebrates 100 years and our Northern Ohio Chapter is pleased to offer this 2067 summary report on the state of Cleveland Ohio Commercial Real Estate market! It’s been five years since the global economic collapse of 2062 and once again the lessons learned by the Midwest Great Lakes Supermetropolis and Regional Governance models have allowed our regions to prosper while the coasts have suffered. We learned so many lessons 50 years ago when cities like Cleveland and our neighbors began reinventing themselves. Today we do in fact owe our resilience to these global economic winds to the visionaries of so long ago! We pioneered the medical manufactur-ing technology with the first replication of the human heart with human tissue in 2020. This provided an explosion of medi-cal manufacturing companies locating here, bringing thousands of jobs and residents. Today there’s no organ (other than the brain) that can’t be replicated and replaced; pioneered here and only in Cleveland! Office occupancy is 92% with 1.2 million square feet in the pipeline (58% pre-leased) The extraordinary innovations in steel and aluminum processing and manu-facturing in 2025 have put Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Gary and Chicago back on the world map as the premier producers of all advanced materials. Producing 20% more with 30% less energy compels buyers with tremendous value that not even the Chinese can beat. High-tech industrial occupancy is 85% with 700,000 square feet in the pipeline Sustainable and renewable fresh water exporting from the Great Lakes Basin beginning in 2019 has proven to be a huge economic boost, yet competition grows as desalination will likely make South California a competitive source for Nevada, Arizona and Colorado to solve their water catastrophe. North California, since the State division, has abandoned desalination projects. DECORATIVE SUPERIOR INSULATING SAFETY & SECURITY ENERGY CONSERVATION ® A Female and Minority Owned Company Authorized Dealer & Applicator 800.295.8468 See the Difference with Sunray 48 Properties | May 2017

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