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MASONRY MORTARS WATER REPELLENT MORTAR COURSE & FINE GROUT TUCKPOINT MORTAR MASONRY SOLUTIONS! With SPEC MIX ® Preblended Products on the job, mason contractors get precision formulations that complement the properties of the Brick, Block and Stone specified for the project. SPEC MIX Mortars and Grouts are engineered to maximize the bond strength, durability and performance of the masonry system. For endless color selections and highly workable mixes that increase the craftsmanship and productivity of masons—SPEC MIX is the solution! AND WE’RE STILL MIXING UP NEW POLYMER MODIFIED SETTING BED MORTAR ADHERED VENEER MORTAR SETTING BED MORTAR-DRY PACK Choose from our 25 standard mortar colors or custom color matching. PATRICK O’TOOLE -SPEC MIX OHIO POLYMER MODIFIED ADHERED VENEER MORTAR 216-513-9502 © 2017 SPEC MIX BUILDING STONE MORTAR

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