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GOING WITH THE FLOW Curving soffit lines guide visitors from the front desk and product display area (top), past offices and support spaces (middle) and into the STEMCO Café (bottom). flanked by clear views into the facil-ity’s testing facility and offices. “There was a big focus on creating a great first impression,” Trowbridge says. “The idea was to have this aura when you first walk into the building that would be welcoming and that you could see the type of work we do right away. The intent was that the build-ing would function as a marketing tool and be arranged to accommodate tours. It’s a feature we’ve used quite a bit so far.” That tour begins just beyond the reception desk with the company’s 5,000-square-foot testing facility, vis-ible through interior glass windows. Inside, various custom-built pieces of equipment are utilized to test air spring products by simulating hun-dreds of thousands of miles on the road over a specified period of time. “The equipment beats the heck out of these springs,” Jarzenski says. “It’s very loud, so the testing facility required some significant soundproofing.” Walls incorporate a veneer of acous-tical block, with gaps in masonry filled with bat insulation to absorb noise, he says. Additionally, isolated four-foot-deep foundations were used underneath testing equipment. A five-ton crane is over slung within the facility and assists in lifting and moving equipment for maintenance. Adjacent to the testing facility is a 30-foot by 20-foot conference room with flexible seating and a pair of wall-mounted video monitors, plus a partition wall which can be used to divide the space as needed. Floor-to-ceiling walls of glass offer clear lines of sight into the testing facility, useful in showcasing the company’s capabili-ties to guests and outside sales teams. Here and throughout the build-ing, STEMCO’s corporate colors of red and gray are utilized in furniture and carpet selections, as well as select accent walls. “We worked with the interior designers at Ritenour Group and our internal furniture company GDOT Design to develop a consistent color 18 Properties | May 2017

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