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Behind the Building Envelope Industry Profile: BAC Local 5 Masonry craftworkers union works with contractors to deliver facilities built to last By Tom Nagy International Masonry Institute ounded in 1869, The Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local Union #5 in Cleveland (BAC Local 5) is one of the oldest construction trade unions in the United States. Under the larger umbrella of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, BAC Local 5 serves as the primary source of highly trained Masonry Craftworkers in Cuyahoga, Lorain and Medina counties. F A member of the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council, the union represents all of the trowel trades including brick and block masons, pointer-cleaner-caulkers, and marble and terrazzo mechanics. “We pride ourselves on working with regional unionized masonry contractors to deliver high quality masonry build-ing construction that lasts for decades or beyond with little to no mainte-nance,” says Joe Coreno, president of BAC Local 5. “Our members benefit from safe working conditions, health and welfare coverage, retirement plans and collectively negotiated labor and management wages supporting the prem-ise of ‘a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.’” Manpower requirements can rapidly fluctuate in the construction industry and the union’s participating contrac-tors can often be at the mercy of the market, Coreno notes. In respect to market needs, an employer that requires six bricklayers today may look to add a dozen more next week, should they be awarded an additional project(s). BAC Local 5 fits into this equation by deliver-ing a dependable supply of highly trained, responsible and safe work force critical to maintaining schedules on today’s time sensitive projects. In addition to the hundreds of active BAC Local 5 members, the union’s network of adja-cent BAC Locals in the state ensure that the proper amount of personnel is available at any given time to satisfy every masonry contractor’s needs. “Realizing that the three basic com-ponents of a great building are materials, design and construction, BAC Local 5 understands and respects the impor-tance that our customers place on quality installation,” says Sal Filippelli, BAC Local 5’s vice president, noting that those customers include building owners, designers, managers, inspectors and maintenance personnel. Masonry products stand the test of time and are proven to provide both repeatable and dependable results. BRICKLAYERS LOCAL 5 Ŷ CLEVELAND, OH Providing Highly Skilled Work Force for Public & Private Projects Since 1867 • Brick, Block, Stone & Marble Masonry • Masonry Restoration • Educated Skilled Labor • Comprehensive Safety Training 6200 Rockside Woods Boulevard North, Independence, OH 44131 216-447-9965 Ŷ 65 Photo courtesy of International Masonry Institute

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