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MARKETING MENTOR Building value through creative communication Improving Networking Skills Via LinkedIn L JIM CASTIGLIA inkedIn is a valuable tool because it serves as the shortest route to people whom you want to meet, yet many business people aren’t using it productively, explains “The LinkedIn Guy” Rick Itzkowich, international speaker, entrepreneur and networking expert. With LinkedIn, I control that by having an effective profile. LinkedIn can build my credibility because colleagues can attest to my expertise and character, and give me a recommendation. This is NOT the same as a recommendation on your web site, because you can put whatever you want there. In LinkedIn, I cannot change a recommendation. People who see it can reach out to that person and verify it. After visibility, credibility is crucial! Secondly, you can also attract talent. It’s a very powerful tool for recruiting people you want on your team. JC: How would you rate a typical profile? RI: We all know that relationships are built on positive interactions. LinkedIn can start or continue these conversa-tions. That’s the outcome you want. I’m fluent in Spanish and have a Spanish LinkedIn profile too. But, the primary mistake is that a typical person’s profile is not effective and people then make assumptions about them. Today, it’s expected you have one. If they say, “I didn’t find you “People in business development growth mode want to meet new pros-pects, new potential employees and new partners,” he says. “LinkedIn enables you to leverage the people in your network with whom you have a relationship. Instead of approaching people as a stranger, your network can introduce you. We’ve known each other for 39 years. I don’t know all the people you know and you don’t know all the people I know. If I want intro-ductions to CEOs you know and we go into your LinkedIn account, you’ll recognize more than if I just ask.” I recently had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of LinkedIn with Itzkowich and pick his brain for tips on using the social media tool. Jim Castiglia: Besides meeting new pros-pects, potential employees and partners, are there other uses for LinkedIn? Rick Itzkowich: Sure! First, it’s a great tool for credibility . People will vet you before they engage in a relationship. They’ll Google you, especially if it’s an important relationship or venture. 48 Properties | March 2017

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