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MEASURED APPROACH To assist the construction team (left), a laser scan was performed and utilized to create a three-dimensional digital model from which exact measurements could be obtained at any elevation within the existing structure (right). Perticarini, CCM, president of &build, a PCS company. “From a logistics perspec-tive, this is a custom project. With 65 different floor plans, there is no provision for a normal flow of work. There were literally challenges around every corner.” Efficiencies of scale did not apply here. “To Pete’s point, every suite you walk in, you’ll find a beam or other structural element that doesn’t occur the same way in the next space,” says Fluker. “We tried to be sympathetic to the architecture and incorporate them the best we could in each case.” C.T. Taylor was hired by &build to furnish and install the structural steel. The new lofts were spread out over a series of existing structures, and the Developers Chris Smythe and Rick Foran want to thank the entire Project Team for an outstanding historic renovation | 216-241-0200 36 new steel was to be attached to older steel crane rails, some of which were old enough to have been riveted. The new steel had to be fabricated to close toler-ances to fit properly. “Rather than spend weeks doing exhaustive field measurements with tape measures, we elected to hire CESO Engineering to do a laser scan,” explains John Hitchcock, president of C.T. Taylor Construction. “The scan produced a three-dimensional digital model from which exact measurements could be obtained at any elevation within the existing structures.” Erecting steel within an enclosed space could not be done with a crane, but rather needed to be manhandled and lifted with forklifts. This new steel was used to create a platform eight feet above the floor of the 45-foot open-overhead crane build-ing. Once in place, three more levels of floors were constructed on the plat-form. The space below the platform became the heated garage, with the living spaces above. “The existing steel columns, as expected, had variations from the designed column spacing. Therefore, no two beams were the same length. The laser scan enabled us to fabricate indi-vidual beams to the precise length they needed to be,” says Hitchcock. “Not only that, but we are dealing with basically nine different buildings in the complex, each built at different times,” says Foran. The red brick build-ings are actually four different structures, Properties | March 2017 Images courtesy of C.T. Taylor

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