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Proud to be part of the team at West 25th Street Lofts BARBER & HOFFMAN B CO NSU L T I NG C E N GIN E E R S CLEVELAND C CL EV EL E L A AN D | C COLUMBUS OL UM BU S | CRANBERR C RA NB ER R RY Y T TWP. WP 2217 E. 9th St., Cleveland, OH 44115-1257 | 216.875.0100 | Proud to have been a trusted partner in this adaptive reuse project BUILDING SUPPORT The new lofts were spread out over a series of existing structures, and the new steel was to be attached to older steel crane rails, some of which were old enough to have been riveted. financing partners, each with their own constraints, added another entire layer of complexity to the project.” Smythe concurs, adding, “We’ve got this Venn diagram representing all the financing components. There are 15 cir-cles representing all the entities involved.” %HIRUH $IWHU Construction begins As work finally began, the first chal-lenge presented itself in the basement of the eastern buildings which had been built back in the 1800s. Several massive wood columns in the basement of the brewery which looked suitable, turned out to be almost hollow from years of ice piled on the beer kegs. Had the start of work taken another year to get started, there might not have been enough struc-tural integrity left and the project could have been a complete tear-down. With work proceeding, the next sur-prise came in the summer of 2016, as all the Republican National Convention activity overwhelmed the city’s build-ing inspectors. First, they were being swamped with requests for all types of temporary structures and then as the convention wound down, they had unused vacation time that was subject to “use it or lose it.” That made for a scarcity of inspectors for the rest of the building community. “Trying to expedite the project as much as possible was not easy,” recalls Pete 35

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